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NEO is an open source blockchain platform which aims at building a “Smart Economy”. It aims to create this through the combination of blockchain-based digital identities and digital assets, automated using smart contracts. NEO Global Development partnered with EAK Digital to build momentum for their second DevCon which was held in Seattle in February 2019.

EAK Digital secured coverage for NEO in some of the most important industry-specific and mainstream media outlets, multiple appearances on some of the largest and most influential blockchain YouTube channels, and facilitated key media partnerships for the DevCon in Seattle.


Client Goal

NEO sought out EAK Digital’s services in the lead up to the their second ever DevCon to create increased media attention, drive interest in the event and announcements taking place at the DevCon, demonstrate to the wider community the recent developments of the NEO platform over the last 12 months, and share with the world their vision for the future of their platform. NEO also needed help with building out their network of western media professionals, and EAK Digital was able to enable NEO to do this by inviting and partnering with numerous key western media outlets.



EAK Digital developed a targeted PR strategy to enable NEO to get the most media exposure in the lead up to the DevCon across both written and video content. Building a strategy which encompasses both written and video content allowed EAK Digital to spread the maximum amount of awareness about the Seattle DevCon. Importantly, EAK Digital structured the information in such a way which ensured the community understood the implications for what the DevCon was intended to achieve, and used creative angles to encourage as much enthusiasm as possible in the lead up to the event.



EAK Digital successfully executed their strategy and was enable to bring a rapid succession of targeted media coverage in key publications relevant to NEO’s goals. Coupled with the facilitation of NEO’s network of media partners and journalists on the ground in Seattle and the DevCon, EAK Digital enabled NEO to spread their message to a wide range of key constituencies. EAK Digital also tapped into its vast network of contacts to secure keynote speakers, moderators and panelists to enable NEO to offer its community highly engaging and reputable speakers.

EAK Digital secured NEO key coverage with:

  • Over 75+ feature articles across Forbes (over 100 million visits per month), The Next Web (7 million views per month), Coindesk (over 6 million views per month), CoinTelegraph (over 6 million views per month), The Bitcoinist (over 2 million views per month), NewsBTC (over 1.5 million views per month), and CCN (over 8 million views per month) to name a few.
  • Multiple YouTube interviews with a total of over 60,000 views.
  • Media Partnerships with CoinTelegraph, Cryptoslate, NewsBTC, Bitcoinist, AMB Crypto, The Next Web, DataDash, Ready Set Crypto, Crypto Beadles and Brave New Coin, many of whom sent journalists to attend the DevCon.


Client Testimonial

Grace Gui – Communications Manager – NEO Blockchain

‘EAK Digital has a very passionate and efficient team. They did a great job helping us strengthen our overseas media relationships. Their creative solutions and timely response are highly appreciated.’