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Amplify your reach and give your brand a global presence with expert international PR services from EAK Digital.

EAK Digital is an international communications and PR agency with decades of combined experience in the emerging technologies sector. Our highly targeted public relations strategies are for ambitious brands that want unlimited growth potential.



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You know what you’re about. We’re here to help you share it with the world

We’re not your average PR agency. EAK Digital is a diverse team of PR, communications, marketing, and branding experts who collaborate to make your dreams a reality.

Are you sick of mediocre coverage in low and mid-tier publications? No problem: we’ve got a vast network of high-tier publications ready to make you a thought leader.

Are you trying to grow but can’t seem to get enough leverage? Our bespoke PR strategies align with your brand’s objectives and ensure international audiences receive your message.

With offices in London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Istanbul, and other locations, we know what international audiences really want. With us on your side, scaling your brand is a natural process.

A tailored international PR strategy will

Take you beyond borders

The technology is here, the opportunities are endless so why do brands struggle to scale internationally? Consistent messages and branding are essential to global growth – as is targeting relevant markets. International PR requires planning and a multi-pronged strategy.

Give your brand the right platform

Reaching a global audience means allowing them to discover you. Low-tier and mid-tier publications offer minimal exposure, but top-tier publications put your brand in the spotlight and connect you with an active audience.

Position you as a thought leader

Becoming a thought leader takes a lot of work in most industries, but tech-focused companies face more obstacles. International PR can remove these barriers, allowing your messaging, content, and offering do the talking.

Our international PR services

Whatever your needs are, we’ve got you covered. From breaking into new countries to securing spots at the world’s most exciting tech events, EAK Digital is your dedicated PR and communications partner.

Bespoke PR strategies

Bespoke strategies are the secret to successful outreach campaigns that generate measurable results. When you begin working with us, our specialists perform a detailed analysis of your brand, highlighting opportunities for more exposure.

From audience segmentation to defining KPIs and developing a storytelling strategy that merges seamlessly with what your brand’s about, we offer a full-service solution.

Marketing and branding gurus will work with you to draft compelling stories, eliminating the barriers between you and your target audience.

Media outreach

We design and implement multi-channel PR outreach strategies aligning with your brand’s current position and future objectives. Our vast network of cryptocurrency and blockchain thought leaders and access to top-tier publications give you maximum exposure.

With us, there’s no red tape, whether it’s press releases, fundraisers, or articles highlighting your brand’s social responsibility.

Our clients receive communications support, ensuring every opportunity to connect with an audience is well-spent.

Global brand positioning

The most challenging aspect of global PR is remaining consistent. Every campaign element should merge with your brand’s ethos, values, and social responsibility—but achieving consistency is easier said than done.

With communications specialists worldwide, we can help you craft consistent and compelling messages that offer value and cement your brand’s authenticity.

How? By skyrocketing your exposure but safeguarding your reputation.

Cross-cultural communications

Make yourself at home wherever your brand travels with cross-cultural communication support. As a global team of PR specialists, we know how important it is to make a winning first impression.

Leave uncertainty behind and enjoy a clear communications strategy that builds connections with global audiences.

We cover it all, from translating marketing materials for different cultures and demographics to putting you at the heart of local communities.

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Check out the results we’ve secured for clients

Discover how we set the stage for Akoin to shine. In addition to featuring in Forbes, Bloomberg, and other publications, we ensured Akoin’s inclusion in internationally renowned cryptocurrency events.

EAK Digital achieved multiple top-tier results for Akoin across all forms of media. The EAK Digital team used its strong network of contacts to gain publicity for the project in publications including Forbes, Bloomberg, France 24, Coindesk, CoinTelegraph, NewsBTC, Bitcoinist and many others, while also securing interviews with some of the financial and crypto world’s top influencers including Anthony Pompliano, Datadash and Crypto Beadles. The team also secured Akoin top slots at blockchain and cryptocurrency virtual events and conferences, and also successfully paired the project with UN-backed blockchain and AI business, Effect.AI, for the launch of its African innovation centres. This provided a platform for Akon, and the executive team of Jon Karas and Lynn Liss to explain their vision, while providing the media with an opportunity to interview them and discover more about the project.

Our Process


Book a free discovery call

We’re a friendly bunch and would love to hear about your project. You tell us your goals, we’ll explain how we can help and offer a zero-obligation free proposal.


PR strategy and outreach

Our specialists work overtime, tapping into our extensive network of influencers and publications to match your brand with the best in the business.


Assess and review

International PR is an ongoing project, but we’re working on this for the long haul. You can track the results we secure for your brand with regular evaluations and detailed reporting.

Go global today

Booking a free discovery call is your first step on a journey with unlimited opportunities. Wherever you are, we have PR and communications strategies ready. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions and tell us about your brand.

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Case Studies

Unveil the power of our expertise. Dive into our Case Studies section below to explore the depth of our PR prowess.

What Our Clients Say


  • Is it possible for a small brand to go global?

    Absolutely! The Nikes, Starbucks, and Gaps of this world started somewhere. No matter how small you are right now, the future’s always open. With a local mindset, EAK Digital will approach your PR strategy based on your current position and where you want to be. 
    We put all our energy into each project, going out of our way to secure the reach you deserve.

  • Do you have media partnerships in place?

    We have the world’s largest network of crypto influencers and key opinion leaders, which we’ve built through years of supporting growing brands and their needs.
    Today, we tap into the network, giving our clients placements in top-tier publications—we’re talking The Wall Street Journal, Coindesk, TechCrunch, and many more heavyweights.

  • How do you measure success?

    As a data-driven PR agency, we benchmark our results against the KPIs established when developing your strategy. We don’t believe in tinkering with our clients and offer complete transparency. With regular reports tailored to your specifications, you’ll see what we’re doing and the results we’re achieving.

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Global Public Relations Experts

Global Public Relations Experts

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