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Experience the future’s pulse at our events hub, where BlockDown transforms Hong Kong into a Web3 city, while Istanbul Blockchain Week and W3Expo ignite the blockchain and gaming realms, promising an electrifying glimpse into tomorrow.

Istanbul Blockchain Week 2024

13-14 August 2024 • Hilton Bomonti Hotel, Istanbul

Istanbul Blockchain Week is a premier Web3 celebration, held annually in one of Turkey’s most vibrant cities, Istanbul. As a hub of culture and trade with a strong interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, Istanbul is the perfect location for this highly anticipated event. Join us at #IBW24 and be a part of the future of blockchain technology.

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BlockShow x BlockDown

8-9 May 2024 • Hongkong

The BlockShow X BlockDown festival aims to turn Hong Kong into a Web3 city for five to seven days, featuring multiple conference stages, an art gallery, a gaming zone, a music stage, a dedicated zone for startups and venture capitalists and much more. Among its core topics, the festival will explore SocialFi, GameFi, Web3, art, music, culture, decentralized finance (DeFi) and real-world assets.

Dive into the unique blend curated by BlockShow, one of the longest-running blockchain events since 2016, and BlockDown, setting the standard for community-oriented festival experiences in Web3.

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W3Expo 2024

13-14 August 2024 • Istanbul

W3Expo returns to Istanbul, August 13-14, with it’s unique gaming-first, consumer facing expo! With walk-up-and-play game stations supporting pc, console and mobile, W3E will also be showcasing their web3 industry leading esports with a live stage tournament, panels and an awards show for the best games in the space.

The 2022 event was watched by over 4000 people online, with over 500 attendees, esports professionals and more. In 2024 it will integrate directly into Istanbul Blockchain Week’s 4000 attendance audience, alongside it’s own, for the biggest event yet.

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Navigating the Legal Landscape of Web3: How PR Can Help Mitigate Risk

One of the clear, key challenges facing Web3 projects is navigating the legal landscape, which can be complex and constantly evolving. In this blogpost, we’ll explore the legal challenges that web3 projects face and how PR can help mitigate risk – surprised? Well let’s delve in and shed some light on exactly what we mean.

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