At EAK Digital we understand the importance of diversifying your marketing and growth efforts which is why we specialise in 4 key areas.

Our specialist team have a rich background of experience in the media, and have worked for some of the most famous media houses in the world. Let’s work together on bringing your brand from stage one to stage front…

Authority Branding

Get published in major publications, featured on leading podcasts and receive speaking opportunities from your industry. That way you can grow your audience, gain new customers and expand your professional network rapidly.

Digital PR

Receive media coverage for your business or service to reach a global size audience by leveraging our contacts and network.

Digital PR, when done correctly, allows you to amplify your message and voice. So that you can increase your visibility, enhance your credibility and boost your reputation. We also offer a 100% guaranteed feature with all our clients too.

Link Building

Link building is one of the top strategies used to ensure you are on page 1 of Google to get seen by the most amount of people.

Our team create not just a large amount of links but also using high quality publications (so you never get penalised by Google).

Content Marketing

Our world class copywriting team will get your content delivered on time, on budget and at scale. Our writing and publication process means that we can create a large range of content from ebooks, to white papers, to long form articles and infographics.

Position Yourself At The Top

Don’t let your competitors get in front and book a free consultation in with us today to find out more about how we can help you grow your authority.