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5.04 billion users worldwide, an average daily usage time of 2.23 hours, and an advertising CTR of 1.21%—social media remains one of the top ways for brands to reach and communicate with their target audiences.

With competition increasing yearly, creating an account, publishing some posts, and waiting for growth is no longer enough. You need a highly targeted plan that cuts through the noise and puts you in front of your audience.

EAK Digital specializes in social media management and growth. Our data-driven approaches are tailor-made for brands in the emerging technologies sector. We leverage our experience to deliver measurable and sustainable growth.

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Blockchain, Web3, and cryptocurrency social media specialists

With a global value of $12.3 billion in 2023, blockchain businesses are in an enviable position where ongoing growth is a genuine possibility.

The competition on social media platforms makes it hard to reach and connect with audiences – but our management and growth specialists develop and execute social media strategies that align with your goals and cements your authority.

With decades of combined experience, we’ve helped clients secure a global presence, connect with cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts, and supercharge their exposure.

Achieving consistent and scalable growth on social media is only viable if you:

Build strong foundations

The foundations of your social media presence determine future engagement and growth rates. From profile optimization to clearly explaining what makes your brand unique, first impressions matter.

Engage your target audience

Creating and publishing social media content that grabs attention and cuts through the noise is vital. Ensuring that content drives engagement and lead acquisition defines the success of your social media strategy.

Show up on time

From staying updated with industry trends to developing a content scheduling strategy that aligns with your target audience’s activity, becoming an authoritative source on social media requires excellent planning.

Analyze and evolve

Continuous analysis is the key to unlocking social media growth. Through understanding how your target audience responds to your content and comparing your presence with competitors, we can develop strategies aligning with your objectives.

Make social media stress a thing of the past with EAK Digital

EAK Digital is your go- to resource for a content strategy that positions your brand as an industry authority and delivers measurable results. With a multi-skilled team of marketing, communications, and tech experts, we take a collaborative approach to content creation.

Profile optimization

A well-optimized profile is critical for making a positive first impression on social media platforms and connecting with active audiences whose interests and professions align with your services.

Our specialists ensure consistent branding across all profiles, clearly demonstrating your USP and building a robust foundation for unlimited growth potential.

From strategically integrating relevant keywords, locations, and hashtags to priming your profile for success with a clear CTA, we ensure you build a loyal – and active – following.

Most importantly, your social media profile will stand out from the competition and convey professionalism.

Content scheduling

Even the most engaging social media posts fade into the abyss without a targeted content scheduling strategy. Knowing when and where to post ensures each post works overtime, driving engagement and lead acquisition rates.

EAK Digital combines technology with a team of marketing and communications specialists to leverage a data-driven, creative scheduling strategy that secures optimal results.

Time is precious, and many brands fail to make an impression on social media because they don’t have the time to post consistently.
Our services automate scheduling so you can remain consistent, connect with your target audience, and build a loyal following.

Engagement strategies

Today’s social media audiences expect more from their favorite brands. Creative engagement strategies can differentiate between a stagnant profile and a highly active audience.

We utilize sophisticated analytics to understand how your audience interacts with your content, and develop strategies to cultivate loyalty and advocacy.

Whether you post valuable tips, opinion posts, or interactive games, our PR and communication specialists will help you make every post count.

The result? More website traffic, champions for your brand, and high-value word-of-mouth recommendations.

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We offer prospective clients a free consultation, allowing you to learn about how we can help you. There’s no obligation to make EAK Digital your social media growth partners, but we’d love to discover your goals.


Analyze and strategize

Our experts will analyze your social media accounts, highlighting areas for improvement and developing a strategy that provides long-term growth opportunities.


Deploy and evaluate

We’ll regularly evaluate the strategy and provide in-depth reports throughout your time with us. By continuously reviewing your growth rates, we can optimize the strategy and secure better results.

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Unveil the power of our expertise. Dive into our Case Studies section below to explore the depth of our PR prowess.

What Our Clients Say


  • Why is social media management important for my business?

    Whether you’re an emerging or established brand, social media ensures you can connect with your target audience and maintain relationships with loyal customers.
    By managing your profile and maintaining a consistent presence, you will rise above the competition and scale your brand.

  • Why trust EAK Digital with my social media needs?

    EAK Digital combines the expertise of communication, PR, project management and marketing professionals to create a proactive, growth-orientated agency. We’ve worked with global brands in the emerging technologies sector, surpassing their expectations and unlocking untapped potential.

  • Which social media platforms do you provide management and growth services for?

    We work across all social media platforms, from traditional options like Facebook, LinkedIn, and X to TikTok, Telegram, and BeReal. We can support you whether you’re active on one social media website or numerous platforms.

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Social Media Management and Growth Services

Social Media Management and Growth Services

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