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Performance Marketing Services

Full-service performance marketing services from EAK Digital leverage data to drive conversions and secure a positive ROI.

In today’s ultra-competitive business landscape, securing growth is a mountain many brands fail to conquer. Performance marketing cuts the fluff and gets straight to the heart of your campaigns.

It’s all about data, creativity, decision-making, and problem-solving. With EAK Digital, you can unlock long-term growth and look forward to the future.

Bespoke campaigns that align with your objectives

Seamless cross-channel tracking

ROI-focused marketing specialists

Bespoke campaigns that align with your objectives

Seamless cross-channel tracking

ROI-focused marketing specialists

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Leave nothing to chance with performance marketing

Data is intrinsic to measuring your marketing efforts against key metrics and implementing strategies that scale with your brand’s evolving needs. But it’s not everything. Sure, you can have the numbers – but creative ideas will define your success.

As a multi-talented team of marketing, PR, communications, and data specialists, we analyze your current situation, work with you to set clear objectives, and harness our creativity to build campaigns that cut through the noise and impact your audience.

Meet your objectives, secure positive ROIs, and anticipate to limitless growth potential. It’s all possible when you partner with EAK Digital.

Performance marketing can help you:

Mobilize key stakeholders with a comprehensive strategy

Give your A-Team complete clarity on your brand’s direction. Performance marketing strategies simplify omnichannel marketing and provide clear objectives, allowing stakeholders to actively contribute to growth.

Reach the right audiences

Performance marketing emphasizes data, seamlessly identifying the proper channels for your campaigns based on your primary target audiences. From leveraging audience retargeting to penetrating new markets, data is the key that unlocks the future.

Streamline campaign management

Performance marketing allows for ongoing management and optimization. From speedy launches for new product campaigns to time-limited promotions, multi-channel implementation makes launching and managing campaigns easy.

Maximize your ROI

Performance marketing is an ROI-focused strategy that allows you to optimize campaigns to secure the best results continually. By using data to track performances across channels, brands can adjust campaigns, which often results in a higher ROI.

Charge up your brand with expert performance marketing

Working with EAK Digital gives you access to a team of global performance marketing specialists. We take a no-nonsense approach to multi-channel marketing with a proactive team constantly assessing, strategizing, and innovating for your brand.

Strategy formulation

We gather valuable insights about your brand’s performance, comparing it to industry and audience data. Our in-depth analysis gathers data that will form the foundations of your performance marketing strategy.

We’ll work with you to define KPIs and identify growth-generating channels. With a team of tech-focused data analysts, we can quickly optimize your strategy and align it with changing market dynamics and consumer demands.

Channel selection

The proper channels can supercharge your exposure and conversion rates, but the wrong channels leave you fighting for survival. We take performance marketing channel selection seriously, harnessing data to discover your target audience’s preferences and behaviors.

Our experts also assess the viability of each channel, forecast ROIs, and allocate a budget that secures results. By experimenting with channels and using A/B testing, you’ll get complete clarity over what’s working for your brand without sacrificing your budget.

Campaign management

Performance marketing is a continuous process that requires ongoing evaluation and optimization. Many brands struggle to manage their campaigns while also focusing on other business areas.

We give your campaign our all, managing every element and diversifying your budget to secure high conversion rates.

Working with EAK Digital gives you powerful insights and informative reports, without sacrificing other areas of your business.

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Our Process


Free discovery call

Book a free discovery call with us and tell us about your goals. Whether you want more conversions or need help to leverage data, we can help.


Data-driven strategy implementation

We’ll explore your brand and target market, developing a strategy that improves your ROI and provides a clear blueprint for future growth.


Campaign management and optimization

You’ll have unparalleled support throughout the campaign and regular reports highlighting our progress. We constantly review and optimize the strategy, ensuring you get the best possible results.

Ready to achieve more with your marketing strategy?

We’d love to hear from you if you’re ready to prioritize growth. Whether increasing lead acquisitions or entering new markets, we’re always prepared to bring our A-game.

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Unveil the power of our expertise. Dive into our Case Studies section below to explore the depth of our PR prowess.

What Our Clients Say


  • How does performance marketing work?

    In contrast to traditional marketing, performance marketing is results-focused. It’s a data-driven approach that tracks key metrics and benchmarks results against pre-agreed objectives.
    Instead of paying a monthly retainer or hourly fee, you pay based on our performance. This enhances accountability and ensures you’re getting valuable results.

  • How do you set realistic KPIs?

    We assess your brand’s current position and set KPIs based on your goals. Sure, we’re ambitious, but realistic objectives focus on the possible instead of the impossible. As you grow, we’ll expand your KPIs to ensure a higher ROI for your brand.

  • I have a small budget. Can you help me?

    Of course! We’ve worked with brands of all sizes, including start-ups to international heavyweights. Our access to data analysts means we make every penny count when allocating campaign budgets.

  • Which campaign optimization techniques do you use?

    We have a suite of tools at our disposal, and data analysts are ready to dive into each channel and discover valuable insights. From A/B testing to optimizing campaigns to ensure more conversions, we’re constantly reimagining your strategy, securing ongoing growth.

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Performance Marketing Services

Performance Marketing Services

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