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With EAK Digital, you can access a vast network of influencers and key opinion leaders for your cryptocurrency brand. EAK Digital has an enviable track record in KOL and influencer partnerships, helping our clients connect with industry authorities and witness exponential growth.

As the most connected agency to crypto influencers, we’ll help you unleash your crypto brand worldwide and secure ROIs that only influencer marketing can bring.

A global KOL network of over 1000 people

Over eight languages available

A global KOL reach of 100 million +

A global KOL network of over 1000 people

Over eight languages available

A global KOL reach of 100 million +

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Discover cryptocurrency influencers from the most extensive dedicated network

Cryptocurrency continues to grow in popularity, but consumer skepticism means most are likely to trust well-known brands instead of newcomers.

KOL marketing can bridge the gap between your target audience noticing your crypto brand and signing up for it, especially as the market grows and expands rapidly.

Our reputation as an emerging-technologies marketing and communications agency means we’ve built up a network of global crypto influencers, allowing our clients to penetrate worldwide markets.

We’ve helped numerous clients connect with industry authorities in the crypto and blockchain industries, endorsing them as reputable services and positioning them for measurable growth.

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A bespoke KOL marketing strategy can:

Create a roadmap to success

Diving into the world of influencers alone  never works. You need to find the right fit for your brand’s objectives. A bespoke strategy ensures you find influencers who reflect your values and represent relevant target audiences

Spark long-term partnerships

Long-term relationships with KOLs demonstrate your crypto brand’s credibility. Influencers can turn your crypto service into an industry-leading authority by expanding your social media reach and receiving endorsements that cement your reputation.

Execute successful campaigns

Professional influencers can work with you to develop a strategy that cuts through the noise and offers high-value content for target audiences. When these campaigns are successful, they produce a wider reach and positive ROIs.

Connect, collaborate, and dominate with our influencer and KOL marketing services

With a multi-talented team of marketing, communications, and PR experts, EAK Digital is your one-stop shop for targeted influencer and KOL strategies. EAK Digital customizes your campaigns to maximize exposure while generating qualified leads and supercharging conversion rates.

Strategy development

When developing a comprehensive influencer strategy, we analyze your brand’s USP, values, and mission, ensuring they align with your identity and will propel you toward key objectives.

With our diverse network of KOLs, a comprehensive strategy enables our communication experts to isolate prospective partnerships that seamlessly complement your crypto brand’s ethos and unique offering.

Competitor and market analysis are integral to the strategy development process. They allow us to define what’s needed to position your brand as a future industry leader.

Influencer selection

While many marketing services have to search far and wide for influencers, we tap into our network and match your brand with perfect partners. With access to advanced tools, we’ll assess which influencers will integrate with your strategy, providing a detailed analysis.

Our mission is to match you with the best influencers for your needs, assessing each prospect’s potential benefits to your brand.

A specialist will help you narrow the selections and approach them on your behalf. After negotiating with opinion leaders and setting campaign objectives, we’ll begin the onboarding process.

Campaign execution

Content creation is intrinsic to successful influencer and KOL marketing, and EAK Digital offers a full-service solution. We’ll actively create content and work with you and your opinion leader to develop a campaign that ensures exposure and lead generation.

Our close relationships with approved influencers allow us to offer seamless campaign management, where communication and logistics don’t present barriers. We’ll keep you updated throughout the campaign, ensuring you’re as involved as you want to be.


Performance tracking measures each campaign’s success against pre-agreed metrics while allowing for reviews. Our clients receive detailed reports and tailored recommendations that provide a pathway for further growth.

We always work overtime on your campaign and will optimize it to ensure nothing stands in your way.

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Our Process


Discovery call

Book a free discovery call and tell us about your goals. We’ll then issue a no-obligation proposal and begin the analysis.


Campaign development and execution

Our experts will investigate each influencer and KOL, evaluating which meets your brand’s goals and values. You’ll then receive an analysis, and we can begin the campaign.


Management and performance tracking

We review your campaign regularly, providing detailed reports and benchmarking the performance against key metrics.

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Working with EAK Digital gives you access to the largest network of crypto influencers. We provide services worldwide and would love to hear about your goals. Please contact us for a free proposal today.

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Case Studies

Unveil the power of our expertise. Dive into our Case Studies section below to explore the depth of our PR prowess.

What Our Clients Say


  • Why do some influencer campaigns go wrong?

    It usually happens when brands partner with influencers who do not align with their offerings and values. While these partnerships might secure more social media views, they have little real value.
    Focusing on exposure only means your brand might receive more website traffic but see no growth in conversion rates.
    Our campaigns are tailored to your brand’s unique needs and products, positioning it as authentic and credible.

  • How do you select influencers?

    We’re lucky to have a network of cryptocurrency experts, primarily due to our reputation as an agency specializing in emerging technologies.
    Our in-depth analysis enables us to highlight KOLs who align with your brand and result in a positive working relationship. It’s not about quantity but quality and relevance, and we always deliver on both.

  • Can you guarantee a positive ROI?

    With an expert team that goes out of its way to secure the best possible results, we always work overtime to surpass your expectations. Of course, there are never any guarantees in marketing, as numerous factors define overall success.
    Please look at our case studies to get an idea of the kind of growth we’ve  secured.

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Influencer & KOL Marketing Services

Influencer & KOL Marketing Services

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