Link Building


Link Building

Quality links are the No. 1 Google ranking factor, making them the best way to leapfrog digital competitors and earn more online traffic.

Link building is the process of acquiring links from other domains back to your website. Good links from reputable sources allows search engines to assess how strong your website is and whether it is the best match for a user query. Enough high-quality links and you can quickly be ranked first for the keywords most relevant to your business.

Unfortunately, many SEO agencies use blackhat tactics and poor link building, which hurt your site indefinitely. At EAK, only the best links are acquired because only the best links count in the eyes of search engines.

How to beat the competition

Increased traffic and conversions

As more domains link to your web pages, the more traffic is directed to your site (referral traffic). This increases your chances of converting site visitors to leads to customers.

Higher organic ranking

The first result in Google receives as much as 70% of all clicks. Ranking on the second page, or even second overall, gets you nowhere. Quality links signals to Google that you deserve to be ranked higher.

Stronger link profile

Search engines scores how many links your site has and how reputable they are, known as Domain Authority. The higher your DA, the more impressive you appear to search algorithms.

Are you ready?

Spammy SEO and PR agencies are on every corner, and too many businesses get burned. Only an expert strategy team can deliver the type of link-building plan that focuses on quality and reputation. That’s why EAK employs linking strategies that other agencies just aren’t capable of following through on.

You are billed only for the links we secure for you, and our database of more than 25k websites gives you plenty of opportunities to get your content leveraged in high-traffic publications. As you earn links, you should see your organic rankings rise.

So, are you ready?

Our clients are featured on premier websites. Now it’s your turn.

Need recognition in publications with millions of readers? We do it every single day. Need a more targeted, industry-specific promotion? We do that, too.

Specialty Link Building

For businesses in specialized technological industries such as AI, blockchain, and IOT, link building offers unique challenges. You need to work with a tech PR agency that has connections with sites that are interested in posting about cutting-edge innovation. Our team includes experts in blockchain PR, IOT PR, and AI PR who can ensure that your link building efforts are directed towards the right sites.

How you benefit from link building

Quality + quantity

The objective is to generate not only more links but higher-quality links than your competitors. This provides longer-term ROI and focuses on practices Google rewards.

Reputation and transparency

All content that is pitched to publications in the hopes of earning links is pre-approved by your team. This process ensure only reputable links are associated with your brand.

Optimised backlinking strategy

Google’s algorithms change thousands of times a year, but links have remained as the most important ranking factor. We build your linking strategy with other SEO factors in mind as well, so all your bases are covered.

Measurable metrics

You will be notified when each link is acquired, and strategists can report changes in your rankings as a result. These metrics are easily trackable and measurable so you have 100% insight into your success.

Leave competitors in awe

Earn press coverage. Be spotlighted in top publications. Become an authority. Find out how to outpace your competitors every day of the week.