Case Study


Neo sought out EAK Digital’s services in the lead up to their DevCon (a blockchain event hosted by the client) to create increased media attention and drive interest in the event.

How It Works?


Client Goal

Neo sought out EAK Digital’s services in the lead up to DevCon (a blockchain event hosted by the client). The main goal of the project was to create increased media attention, drive interest in the event and announcements taking place at DevCon, as well as demonstrate the recent developments of the Neo platform to the wider community. After the event, it was still important to continue sharing Neo’s vision for the future of its platform with the crypto world. Thus, Neo also needed help with growing its network of western media in order to share company announcement and Neo-related news on a regular basis.



EAK Digital developed a targeted PR strategy to enable Neo to get the most media exposure in the lead up to the DevCon across both written and video content, thus maximising the coverage and reaching a variety of audiences. As a part of the PR campaign, EAK Digital has structured the messaging and content in a clear, informative and creative way to show the blockchain community what DevCon was intending to achieve, and encourage people to attend. In the second part of the project, after the DevCon event, the PR strategy and messaging had to slightly change in order to keep the media’s attention. The approach needed to be more proactive and offer new, newsworthy ideas. Thanks to its wide network of media contacts, EAK Digital’s work enabled Neo to partner and build relationships with numerous western media outlets and to spread its message to a wide range of key constituencies.



EAK Digital successfully executed its strategy and was able to bring a rapid succession of targeted media coverage in key publications relevant to Neo’s goals. Thanks to EAK Digital’s vast network of contacts it was possible to secure keynote speakers, moderators and panellists to allow Neo to offer their community highly engaging and reputable speakers. After the event, EAK Digital achieved publication of company announcements, interviews with Neo’s team leaders, and comments and opinion pieces on breaking industry news. Thanks to these efforts, EAK Digital secured NEO key coverage with: over 200+ feature articles across websites like Forbes, Yahoo, TheNextWeb, Coindesk, and CoinTelegraph; multiple YouTube interviews with a total of over 250k views; media Partnerships with CoinTelegraph, Cryptoslate, NewsBTC, The Next Web, DataDash and more, many of whom sent journalists to attend the DevCon.

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