If you talk to the average educated person at this point, they probably have heard of blockchain at least once,” Vitalik Buterin told Bloomberg earlier this month. Cryptocurrencies are far from mainstream adoption, but the run up in prices from last year have pushed the technology firmly into the public consciousness.

The debate over the value and future of these cryptocurrencies rages on as believers and investors have created their niche communities to keep the conversation going. Blockchain PR firms and crypto marketing experts now understand that the best way to reach out to the community is through social media. Here are some of the most relevant platforms for crypto marketing enthusiasts and thought leaders:


With over 1.5 billion views a month, Reddit is the 5th most popular site in the US and the 18th most popular in the world. It’s strict rules and subreddit features attract exactly the sort of demographic that would be interested in crypto marketing, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Some of the most influential names in the sector regularly hang out on the platform. Vitalik Buterin, for example, published his rebuttal to an article on ETH’s valuation on the r/ethtrader subreddit. There’s no doubt Reddit is one of the most important platforms for the crypto community.


Originally designed for gamers who want to communicate during games, Discord has been increasingly adopted by developer teams, crypto marketing agencies and ICO investors in recent years. The official /r/Cryptocurrency discord channel is the most popular, but there’s also niche channels where developers hang out and discuss updates or ideas.


Telegram was the ultimate destination for community building in late-2017. It’s still a popular platform for ICOs and airdrops. Developers can keep their followers updated in real-time and the app has some heavy-duty privacy features which keep users safe. However, you may need to filter through all the spam, bots, and fake followers to get to the good stuff.


Twitter is the most mainstream social platform on this list, but it’s unavoidable simply because of how influential it is. Crypto thought leaders like Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano, Coin Center’s Neeraj Agrawal, Bloomberg’s Joe Weisenthal, and hedge fund manager Mike Novogratz are all easily approachable on the platform.


Medium is home to some of the most influential longform content in the Twitterverse. From Jimmy Song’s ‘Why Blockchain is Hard’ to the wonky ‘Reserve’s Analysis of the MakerDAO Protocol’, Medium is probably the best place for crypto investor education.

Special mention: BitcoinTalk

BitcoinTalk isn’t as popular with the crypto marketing community as it used to be, but some of the old-school adopters and bounty hunters still hang out there. BitcoinTalk is now best remembered as the forum where Satoshi Nakamoto first introduced Bitcoin and where the term ‘Hodl’ was coined. Besides its historic importance, the forum is great for making announcements of new ICOs and airdrops and quickly gaining traction. Here’s an example of a high-quality ANN post.

Cryptocurrency projects and blockchain ventures are intrinsically social, which is why creating a community on some of these social platforms is essential if you’re launching your own project.


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The best social media platforms for crypto marketing

The best social media platforms for crypto marketing

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