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The world is changing, and as a result businesses just like yours have to adapt in order to thrive, not just survive.

Virtual Events Services

Following the incredible success of innovative 3D event BlockDown, EAK Digital is now giving you an opportunity to position your project in this pioneering virtual container of content, ready to become your new digital home.

EAK Digital offers you an integrated virtual event space, allowing attendees to create unique avatars as they explore the world, designed and hosted by your project.

This immersive experience is 100% cloud-based, meaning that nothing has to be downloaded, and the space can be accessed in any standard browser.

Businesses that change and pivot with the times are the ones left standing, and this is your invitation to bring your community together in a virtual reality that showcases the very best of your project and your mission.

How it works

  1. Step One

    Our team will arrange a call to discuss both your vision and your requirements for your virtual event.

  2. Step Two

    Our event specialists will curate a bespoke package based on your needs and budget, presenting it directly to you for feedback and adjustments.

  3. Step Three

    The EAK Digital Events Department will facilitate all aspects of your event, acting as your intermediary and ensure all technical elements, logistics and communications are taken care of, so you can enjoy a smooth event from launch to completion. We’ll even be there to support you on the day. You’ll enjoy a unique experience for your community and the wider blockchain world, positioning your project at the very fore of your industry.

Click below to download further details of our 3D Event Services.

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