Influencer Marketing

Network and build relationships with the biggest KOL’s in the western blockchain space

Position your project ‘front of mind’ of the top tier influencers and blockchain personalities

Looking for global exposure? Of course, you are



Embrace the crypto lifestyle

We’ve set up deals, interviews and press trips for our international network of KOL’s, connecting them with projects that will not only be of interest to them, but will excite their audiences too

Expert positioning

We’ll work hard behind the scenes to place your project in front of new and receptive audiences that resonate with your mission

Get known in the right circles

EAK Digital collaborates with some of the largest and well-attended blockchain events all over the world, including its very own event, BlockDown – the first 3D virtual conference in the blockchain space. With a thriving hub of speakers, contacts and connections with the people driving this industry forward, EAK offers a premium networking experience for all clients.

Boost your exposure and stay in control of your reputation

We know that reputation and credibility are everything, which is why we offer a suite of services specifically designed to aid tech projects and businesses to get the coverage they deserve

How it works

  1. Step One

    We help you grow project awareness by connecting you with high profile individuals that will drive engagements across your platforms.

  2. Step Two

    We arrange trips, events or meetings with KOL’s that would be well suited to collaboration with your project or campaign.

  3. Step Three

    We drive your brand with global business partnerships that will fuel your growth.

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