Content Marketing


In the age of instant information, how does your business keep up with the demands of consumers who demand constant news? Content marketing is a good place to start.

Whether it’s a blog, whitepaper, eBook or infographic, you need content to stay on the minds of customers and leads. Telling your brand story, communicating your industry expertise and owning keywords in Google search positions your brand in a way that, as your business grows, so does your reach.

EAK’s expert strategists and copywriters leave your competitors fighting over what little remains of the digital landscape you leave in your wake.

How to beat the competition

Award-winning creative

Our team of in-house copywriters come from diverse backgrounds in nearly every niche. Paired with excellent designers, your content is first-class every time.

Strategy and delivery

Hit every deadline. Own the keywords you target. Publish on platforms that complement your marketing campaigns and business goals.

Organic ranking

Customized content solutions include expert SEO recommendations that influence how your appear in Google search results. Direct every relevant search query back to your website by optimizing for high-intent keywords.

Are you ready?

More than 5 million blogs are written every day. So how do you position yours over everyone else’s, and specifically those of your competitors?

That’s the job of EAK’s content marketing team, that maps out which assets to create, how to publish them, which channels to promote them on and how to appear on Page 1 of Google. Our team is also highly skilled at print and multimedia campaigns that are designed for your industry and based on the exact science of maximising your exposure, engagement and conversions.

Strategize, publish and distribute your best ideas more efficiently than ever before.

What’s holding you back?

Our clients are featured on premier websites. Now it’s your turn.

Need recognition in publications with millions of readers? We do it every single day. Need a more targeted, industry-specific promotion? We do that, too.

How you benefit from content marketing

Insight into target audience

Every time someone clicks on your content, you gain a new understanding into their motives and preferences. This intel is vital to serving your audience the best possible content experience.

Analysis of campaign results

How your content performs dictates future marketing campaigns, and strategists report analytics in a way that’s useful to your business as a whole. It’s a whole new world when armed with data.

Creative for every purpose

Ad copy. Sales sheets. Conversion landing pages. Email newsletter. Whatever it is, content marketing plays a role. Multifunctional creative assets give you a powerful tool in your arsenal.

Accelerate sales

Marketing and sales alignment is a dream of every company. By creating gated assets and generating leads, you can work laterally with sales reps to nurture those leads and close deals faster than you ever imagined.

Leave competitors in awe

Earn press coverage. Be spotlighted in top publications. Become an authority. Find out how to outpace your competitors every day of the week.

Don’t take our word for it - see what our clients say!

Keren LernerFounder of Top Left Design

We thought we’d just do a small thought leadership PR project with EAK Digital but they surpassed my expectations and got us some big hitters in the first months. They have then continued to do this each month since – with some very exciting placements and even regular columns. From them, I have also learned so many useful new things about and preparing articles for publications – on what each is looking for, what works, article structure, and topics. They feel like a partner, not a supplier – highly recommended!

Matt RubinPresident of Mr Marketing

I discovered this gem across the sea called EAK Digital and now my eyes are wide open. Who would have thought for the same exact price I was paying my old agency I could get writing 20x better. My clients were like, “Whoa, what happened? This writing is awesome!

Joshua OdigieMarketing Executive, Myriad Associates

EAK Digital have provided an amazing level of service to our company’s brand. Working with them has been exceedingly beneficial to the marketing and industry recognition of our growing business.