9 Reasons To Hire A ICO PR Agency

9 Reasons To Hire A ICO PR Agency

The decentralized and cutting-edge nature of the blockchain industry may have you convinced that traditional business strategies no longer apply. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

ICO PR Agency at Work

As the fast-paced cryptocurrency industry expands and new projects come online everyday, your project is going to need some seriously talented and experienced professionals to stand out from the crowd. Here are nine reasons you should consider hiring a ICO PR agency:

1. Cut costs

Hiring and retaining staff can be a costly affair. Not only does it take time and effort to reach out and hire marketing professionals, but since the cryptocurrency space is so new there’s a good chance new hires won’t have deeper knowledge of this burgeoning ecosystem. A professional ICO PR agency can help you cut costs by outsourcing all the grunt work of public relations and marketing.

2. Increase exposure

Of course, the primary objective of an outsourced PR team is to help your project gain exposure. Spreading awareness about your brand and your mission is a critical first step towards building a robust technology business. This is especially true if your product is sold directly to consumers.

3. Attract talent

As mentioned earlier, crypto is a relatively new field and finding talent can be an uphill battle for even the most well-established firms. The exposure and awareness a PR team can help bring to your project will also streamline the process of finding and hiring great developers, engineers, business managers, and sales staff.

4. Attract investors

Mainstream adoption and media coverage will eventually bring your team on the accredited investor radar. The most experienced PR teams can help you gain access to exclusive networks of family offices, hedge funds, business development companies, and angel investors.

5. Create partnerships

By arranging panel spots at high-profile events and workshops across major cities, PR teams can help you network with peers and industry insiders. There’s a significant chance these networking efforts will eventually lead to a business partnership with long-term value creation for everyone involved.  

6. Reach out to institutions

The best PR teams can gain access to the largest technology firms on the planet. If the time is right and the product is ready, there’s a chance your PR efforts could help you crack a deal with a major tech player with deep pockets and immense resources. The Ethereum Enterprise Alliance is a good example of what can happen when big tech works with independent crypto teams.

7. Get traditional media coverage

It’s easy to assume that Facebook, Twitter, and Medium are all a crypto project needs. But if your product is focused on the average consumer or retail investor, it’s difficult to gain traction without traditional media coverage. Traditional PR teams can help you gain an interview on a major news network, appear on a niche podcast or write an op-ed in a major publication.

8. Control public perception

Everyone makes mistakes, but in the startup phase mistakes can be detrimental. It’s easier to avoid controversies and bounce back from a public backlash to a bad decision if you have an experienced PR team guiding the conversation and streamlining the company’s communications.

9. Build a community

Finally, a tech PR agency can help even the most unappreciated startups gain traction and build communities. While this is important in most industries, the crypto ecosystem is particularly community-driven. This makes PR management and member retention efforts invaluable.

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