Is AI PR The Future?

Is AI PR The Future?

The rise of artificial intelligence is now undeniable. From voice assistant on your smartphone to the robo advisors managing your money and taxes, AI is becoming smarter and more helpful as we accumulate data in the digital age.

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As the AI revolution rolls into nearly every industry, marketing and public relations are also likely to be transformed. Here’s what the AI PR and marketing could look like:

Automated outreach

Reaching out and building connections with reporters, publishers, media outlets, and researchers is currently the most time-consuming and energy-intensive aspect of public relations. However, AI’s core competency is scale and automation which should make outreach easier.

AI PR could rely on a framework of automated decisions such as bulk emailing and press release distribution. The advances in marketing technology and natural language processing mean this future may not be too far off.

Data-driven decisions

Data-driven decision making is already commonplace in most institutions, ranging from management consulting firms to hedge funds. Sophisticated marketing experts already use data sources from Buzzsumo or Hootsuite to inform their campaigns and streamline the process of brand building.

However, the amount and quality of data is likely to compound tremendously as the tools we use to gather and analyze them improve steadily. It’s likely data will drive many more of the critical PR-related decisions in the future.

Better monitoring

Measuring the impact and engagement from every public relations move is likely to get a lot easier when algorithms and online trackers can monitor the campaign. Machine learning will help companies detect the emotional responses of consumers while virtual assistant can keep the brand’s customer services platform available around the clock. Automated tools to see if a message is having the intended emotional response or if a slogan added value to the brand are going to be the most important tools in the future PR agency’s arsenal.  


Brands and businesses go the extra mile to connect with potential customers on a deeper level now. As the economy gets more crowded and more brands emerge, it’s becoming harder to create and sustain this emotional bond with consumers on a large scale.

But AI’s potential for automated personalization could mean every consumer is treated with special attention. Every new user to the platform could have their personal taste and preferences considered when interacting with your brand and online content. Personalization could mean the CEO’s message is sent out to consumers in a personal way or the content’s tone is shifted based on reader preferences.

The bottom line is that AI will transform marketing and public relations beyond recognition. Some jobs in the industry may be displaced, but the sector will create new roles for experts and talented marketing professionals that don’t even exist yet. The PR agency of the future could have unimaginable scale and reach that will eventually translate to better results for consumers and businesses across the economy.

The sector should brace for a swift evolution in the coming years that will redesign the way brands and consumers interact.

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