Building your business is a long-term strategy, you didn’t start it with the intention of giving up after a year to try something else.

Rather, you’re building your  business that will be with you for the rest of your life (assuming you don’t sell it for millions of pounds later down the line!).

In order to run a successful longterm business, you’re going to need a continual flow of leads.

One of the key reasons 90% of new businesses fail is because they couldn’t continually find enough customers.

How does your business find new customers without spending thousands per month in marketing? Link building (SEO).

Link building is arguably one of the best and most cost effective strategies to drive your business leads 24/7, and in this article you’re going to learn how SEO and link building in particular must be part of every business’s marketing strategy.


The power of link building


Link building is the process of obtaining links from other websites that link back to yours. This is primarily done through creating high-quality content that other websites want to share.

The more links that point to various pages on your website, the higher they will rank on search (Google, Bing, Yahoo) and the more visitors your website will get.

Here’s one website we worked on in October 2015 that grew its organic traffic through content and link building:


Within the space of a year this business steadily doubled their organic traffic which is still growing today.

But why link building? Many consider link building to be the top influencer when ranking pages on Google too. The more links your website has pointing to it, the greater visibility your business has online.


Why organic traffic is the best traffic


We live in a world of interruption marketing, this is where a business uses a platform like Facebook or website ads to throw their products at consumers.

This type of advertising is not all that effective because the consumer is not looking for their product.


I’m scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed to see what my friends and family are doing, not to find a licensed therapist!

This is interruption marketing, it can cost a lot to run and the ads aren’t always targeted (I don’t need a therapist, really I don’t!).

However, when a user makes a search query on Google for a product or service, they are actively searching for your business making them a much more valuable lead.

Whereas paid ads forces businesses to push ads onto a consumer who may not be interested in the offer being shown, link building leverages SEO to drive customers who are searching for your product or service.

SEO is the bridge that brings customer and business together.

Whether you want to buy a laptop, a sofa or are looking for a local plumber, 81% of people start their shopping journey online primarily on search engines:



Unlike a paid advert which stops as soon as your budget is reached, a well thought-out link building strategy once implemented and maintained can see you rank above your competitors and drive leads 24/7 for free.

As your online presence grows through SEO and link building, you’ll be able to scale your business faster without having to worry about the cost per lead or costs rising as is common with paid search or social media ads.

SEO was also voted as the 2nd best marketing channel in terms of return on investment, falling just behind email marketing:



It’s the first page or nothing


When working on a link building strategy the aim is to get your business on the first page for its key search term.

Less than 5% of searchers ever go past the 2nd page:


If you’re using SEO and link building to grow your business but cannot get on the first page of search, all work will be done in vain.  While not impossible, it’s not easy to rank your business on the first page without SEO and link building experts in your team.


The long-term value of linking building

Link building offers your business more than a continual source of leads, it also helps with:

  • Branding –  seeing your business on the first page of search for its keywords is great for social proof. Everybody who uses the Internet has heard of Wikipedia as they rank on the first page of search for thousands of search terms.
    When debating with friends it’s not uncommon to hear people say look it up on Wikipedia. Top spots on search is a branding asset.
  • Diversification – many businesses struggle to grow their business because they fail to diversify their marketing strategy. All stagnant businesses today typically rely on one traffic source for the bulk of their leads (usually word of mouth/foot-traffic or email marketing).
  • It’s not wise to put all your eggs in one basket, adding SEO to the mix is a must in today’s business world as almost everyone is using search engines to find businesses.
  • Future proof – a huge part of link building and SEO is time. The more links pointing to your website and the more content you create over time makes it harder for new businesses to out-muscle you on search.

SEO Hacker found that the older a domain and its content was, the better it ranked for its keywords. By starting your link building strategy today you can separate the distance between your business, your competitors and future competitors.


Start your link building today


Many business owners ignore SEO and link building because it’s hard. With over 200+ ranking factors, as a business owner you may not have the time to learn them all.

Each niche and business is different and requires a different backlink profile and link diversity to rank for its niche keywords. But that shouldn’t stop your business from utilising link building to grow your business and generate more leads.

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level of its development using link building but don’t have the time to do it yourself, get in touch with EAK Digital to see how together we can take your business to new heights.

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Erhan Korhaliller

EAK Digital 

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