How Crypto Influencers can boost your Blockchain Marketing Campaign

How Crypto Influencers can boost your Blockchain Marketing Campaign

Influencer marketing is one of the best paths to take during your marketing campaigns. As a matter of fact, 30% of consumers base their purchase decisions on non-celebrity influencer recommendation. 

Furthermore, it allows for broad use of tools and offers unique ways of reaching your audience.

What kind of crypto influencers should you go for? 

It may surprise you to know that just 3% of potential customers take the product recommendations of celebrities into account before making a purchase. 

That’s scary! 

You may get a lot of publicity but with little to no results. 

So what is the right path when looking for crypto influencers? Quite simple, it’s going for non-celebrity influencers. This is because blockchain is an extremely specific field and as a result, the interest generated by non-celebrity influencers or micro-influencers for crypto projects is much larger due to specificity. 

The impact of the right kind of influencers

Consumers tend to lean towards what they can place their trust in when making a decision and this is why micro crypto influencers have a great impact. Micro-influencers offer 60% more engagement rates and initiate 22% more social conversational buzz than any other type of influencer.  

People prefer to follow the recommendations of crypto influencers who seem in touch with the day-to-day realities of the field over refined images with massive marketing teams pushing them. 

As you can already see, micro influencers and blockchain marketing campaigns were made for each other. They both deal with very narrow audiences that are interested in precise subjects.

5 simple steps for a successful influencer campaign 

For any type of blockchain marketing project, crypto influencers are crucial. So what must you keep in mind when planning a campaign through them? 

  • Your advertising format must match up with the kind of content that the influencers offer their followers.  
  • Ensure that the influencer does not just place your logo or offer in the background but they speak clearly on their encounter with it. 
  • Take on long-term projects with influencers, as it is the most effective way of getting into the mind of their followers. 
  • Provide your chosen influencers with guidelines and media plans for content. 
  • Relate with your chosen influencers as partners.  This will offer you a solid marketing channel for your blockchain project.

Where does this leave us? 

Due to the fact that ROI measurement is quite challenging and engagement remains the most crucial metric for understanding campaign performance, ensure you build a lasting relationship with promoters. 

What’s more, always give influencers sufficient freedom to express themselves in their own way. However, you must be clear as to what your specific needs are. 


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