PR & Media Experts

We know everything about PR and modern media, and to be honest we are really good at it. We can successfully turn your brand into a thought-leader of your market. Leave your media promotion to us so that you can focus on what matters to you. Our clients trusted us with their PR and benefited from:

  • Media coverage on the world’s leading online news websites
  • Variety of PR opportunities with different media outlets
  • Media exposure as the thought-leaders in their industry

Linkbuilding Services

We provide European and global link-building services tailored to your specific needs, requirements and budget. We can help you reach any niche, market and localization. Let us build your backlink profile and get ahead of your competition.

  • Bespoke strategy based on your specific requirements
  • Clarity of the progress thanks to the newest project management tools
  • 24/7 access to the project board and status updates

Influencer Marketing

We help you focus your efforts on the right audience. Thanks to our team of dedicated influencers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram we do not only create your content, but we make sure to get it across to the right people.

  • Endorsement from relevant influencers
  • Goal-driven campaigns designed to suit your specific needs
  • Variety of techniques for better results

Copywriting Services

Don’t underestimate the power of well-written content. We provide creative copywriting services at the highest level because we understand how important it is for your image, brand awareness and ultimately your entire business.

  • Team of specialized copywriters
  • Content creation for every industry and niche
  • Bulk copywriting: 1000+ articles per month for your blog or website
Social Media Influencers
Media Mentions
YouTube Influencers
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Best Publications

Our content is published in the world’s best-known publications such as Forbes.

London Based

We are at the heart of the world’s business so we are always on top of new trends.

Premium Content

We provide high quality, fresh content thanks to our team of experienced copywriters and designers

International Marketing

We provide PR and marketing services all over the world. Our global team of influencers actively support our clients in Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia as well as North and South America.


I discovered this gem across the sea called EAK Digital and now my eyes are wide open. Who would have thought for the same exact price I was paying my old agency I could get writing 20x better. My clients were like, "Whoa, what happened? This writing is awesome!"

Matt Rubin - President of Mr Marketing

Increase Your Exposure

We are experts in getting relevant media coverage. We have successfully featured our clients in some of the world’s best-known publications:

  • Forbes
  • Entrepreneur
  • Inc
  • HuffingtonPost
  • Elite Daily
  • PaperMag
  • & Many More!

Brand Awareness

We know how important building brand awareness is for any business. You want your brand to be recognizable, known and liked – it is a vital element of any successful promotion. We have a lot of experience in increasing online presence, building brand awareness and improving brand recognition using new and creative techniques.

Become a Thought Leader

We can build a bespoke media strategy to get you the exposure your brand deserves and position you as a thought-leader in your industry. Clean up your diary because soon you’ll need lots of time for all the interviews and opinion pieces!

Boost Your Rankings

The better visibility of your brand the higher the traffic to your website. We can boost you up the Google rankings to make sure everyone can easily find you. Hold on to your hat!