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Why authority branding is essential for proving your expertise


Building Trust, Credibility and Expert Status.

Business is all about relationships. The better you are at fostering relationships and building trust between you – as an individual or brand – and others, the more likely that you or your brand will be successful. In order for you to make the most of your opportunities, you will need to build a level of trust amongst people to show you are a serious professional with expert status in your chosen area.

This could not be more essential in the digital world of the 21st century. The internet has been an amazing advancement for human interaction and has give society a wealth of new opportunities. However, this has also given people the potential to obscure certain facts. Many individuals claim to be an expert in a certain area, yet they lack even the basic qualifications for their claim. There is a lot of noise in the online world and it can be difficult for potential customers or business partners to cut through this.

To help you face this challenge, EAK Digital strives to make you and your brand into the leaders of your market. This can be demonstrated by our track record in getting our clients published in the top tier publications. We exercise the highest level of focus to achieve this for all out clients.

There are four major ways that this is achieved:

  • Building Trust. We can argue about what is the most essential ingredient in building a business and a brand, but trust is undeniably high up the list. In fact we’d go as far to stress that it is the most important aspect for any business or brand to achieve. Trust is so hard to gain and so easy to lose – especially in business. Setting yourself up as a trusted entity that will always deliver what you claim is one of the surest ways to build the foundations for success.
  • Credibility. Without a level of credibility, there can be no successful business. Focusing on building you and your brand’s credibility is key in the whole process. Essentially, do you or your brand deliver on promises? Are you able to do what you say you do? These are the things that are important to stress.
  • Expert Status. Becoming an expert is not easy. It takes time, dedication and recognition. By giving you the chances to get your name out there as an expert in your chosen market, we are able to lift your status to that of an authority. This means that when people think of your niche, they immediately think of you and your brand. This is an invaluable characteristic to have and will drive people towards your business.
  • Go-to Authority. There are numerous benefits to being recognised as a go-to authority, most notably wider media coverage for you and your brand, and credibility as journalists will start to seek you out for your expert opinion. This can all pave the way to further exposure and will set you up as the voice of your industry.


How EAK enables Thought Leadership

EAK Digital will enable you to become the go-to authority for your market. We will use our extensive network of journalists and specialist publications to present you to as the initial, go-to expert for comment, quotes and general media interaction which will be related to your area of expertise

We have a team of dedicated copywriters who will ensure you receive the best attention and widespread appeal. We aim to get you published in the top tier publications where you have the chance to demonstrate the key points highlighted above.

Our experience has given us an unparalleled understanding of what is required to make you and your brand stand out from the rest. We aim to give you the best platform from which to build your position as one of the leaders in your market, and we endeavour to enable you to fulfill your potential.

By becoming a recognisable expert in your field, you will gain a level of influence over your own affairs which enable you to grow and develop in an unrivalled way. We hope to be able to deliver the best service possible and we hope to assist you on your journey to success.

Get in touch if to book a consultation to learn how we are able to help you and your project build an effective and successful PR strategy. We love hearing from all types of projects and are excited to play such a crucial role in the development of the blockchain space as a whole.


Meet EAK

EAK Digital is a leading Global Blockchain PR Agency that works with Blockchain start-ups to help them gain mass media coverage across both mainstream and crypto publications alike.

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