Why You Need A Tech PR Agency For Your Tech Events

Why You Need A Tech PR Agency For Your Tech Events

Whether your brand is a seasoned tech brand or a budding start-up, public relations is an absolute necessity for the promotional efforts of your tech events. 

By taking a strategic approach to PR for your events, you can be certain that your brand’s profile will rise among prospects and key tech insiders. However, for a lot of tech organization’s getting the best out of internal PR campaigns for tech events is difficult. 

This is because PR for tech events requires a specific skill set and though your internal PR team may be enthusiastic and optimistic about using certain public relations tactics to amplify your event’s presence, they will experience difficulties without guidance. 

In fact, a recent survey found out that 51%of communications professionals stated that public relation is getting more challenging. This is why you need the services of an experienced tech public relations agency for your tech events, to ensure promotion is done effortlessly, effectively and properly. 

Types of PR Services Needed for Your Tech Events  

A major reason why it’s crucial to leverage a tech PR agency for your tech events is that there are various types of technological events, with each one necessitating a unique strategy, in-depth promotional strategies, and a specific desired outcome.

Let’s see some of the services tech PR agencies will offer your tech event. 

Media Release 

Media releases are important in getting the word out about your event and a tech PR firm can pen them down for you, ensuring that the releases get circulated not just on local and major news platforms (if that is the required coverage for your event)  but in industry and trade spheres with audiences that will be interested in your tech event. 


Every quality tech PR agency is master over storytelling. They can assist you to create a story that promotes your event and causes an emotional pull on your event. This is vital to the success of your event, as your target audience would view the event not just as a random gathering but an event, they have a heart connection with. 

Crucial Relationships 

You cannot cultivate media and blogger relationships overnight, yet such relationships are vital to the success of your event. PR organizations on the other hand already have such relationships which will be beneficial to getting the word out of there about your tech event. 

Most times, brands reach out to authority blogs and media houses with a request to have their event featured, however, they may not know your brand or even if they do, the blog or media house would need time to assess your promotional pitch before recommending your event to their audience. 

With a PR firm, this is isn’t so, because they’ve already forged meaningful relationships with such blogs or media houses and can simply request for promotion. So, you either spend time trying to build relationships yourself or hire an agency that already has them. 

PR Tactics 

A PR agency can aid you to create a solid promotional strategy. It is a given that you will not have the time to meticulously craft an effective strategy but without a well thought out strategy, your PR attempt will fail. Using a PR agency, you can focus on other aspects of your events while the agency designs the relevant strategies for event promotion. 

Social Media Community Management  

One of the best ways you can keep in touch with your audience all year round with regards to your event is through online communities. This is expensive if you decide to hire an internal social media manager but with a tech public relations organization you can slash down the costs. 

You will also need to make frequent relevant content updates to your online community and due to your obvious limited time, you will need to hire a firm that can churn out quality content and manage it. 

Crisis Management 

With quality PR you can avert the damaging press that comes with negative occurrences at your event. For instance, if there is a security issue or natural disaster at your event, having a PR organization on board can help reduce the press damage of the incidence to your brand. 

The Takeaway

Trying to run a tech event without the services of a PR agency is extremely difficult. To simplify things and get even better promotional results, ensure you hire the services of a public relations organization.

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