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Tech PR agency offering IoT PR and AI PR

Unlike the conventional tech PR agency, we help you redefine industries through in-depth storytelling, AI PR, strategic media promotion, and IOT PR.

In the face of crowded, busy tech markets, your brand needs to find a way to get across to its target audience. As a tech PR agency, our technical expertise enables us to make informed decisions about your AI PR campaigns. 

Furthermore, our years of experience allow us to generate positive IOT PR results. We ensure that all PR campaigns hit their stated objective. These are inclusive of lead generation, market visibility, thought leadership positioning, and sales enablement. 

How we do it


The next industrial revolution is here. Artificial intelligence is redefining how we live and interact. For brands utilizing AI to create disruptive innovations, the race is on to have a name in this emerging market and forge relationships with key audiences. 

We understand the hurdles you face and with our deep experience in artificial intelligence industries, we will elevate your brand to be an industry influencer. 

With a Forester report stating that, brand executives fail to implement AI into their organizations due to an inability to identify it as a profitable investment.

Our AI PR approach engages and educates key audiences on the implications, benefits, and profits of integrating AI into their business. 


Internet of Things (IOT) is one of the most exhilarating technological developments to come out of advancements in connectivity. It is predicted that over 25 billion devices will be linked to the IOT by 2020.

This is why as a tech PR agency; IOT PR is a vital part of our services that is indispensable. We help IOT brands drive leads, increase conversion rates, build brand engagement and improve sales.

The market opportunities with IOT are vast. With our services, IOT businesses gain new possibilities for service models, connectivity, creativity, sales, and productivity.

We offer expert PR solutions that help our clients hit their organizational goals.

What other tech PR agency offers what we do?

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When you engage traditional PR agencies, they simply promote your brand using oversaturated methods that have little to no impact. However, this is not so with us.

As a tech PR agency, we generate positive feedback from your target audience and secure the attention of industry influencers.

Our services elevate brands in the artificial intelligence and Internet of Things industries through experienced and quality AI PR and IOT PR.

Furthermore, when trying to give your brand visibility, you need to employ the services of an agency that has the perfect tools, experience, and expertise needed to reveal your innovations to its respective industry.