5 Characteristics of a Great Digital PR Agency

5 Characteristics of a Great Digital PR Agency

Public relations and marketing agencies are everywhere and finding one for a startup business in the crypto niche isn’t as difficult as it used to be a few years ago. But, not all agencies are created equal. Some go the extra mile to ensure your project gets the traction it needs to succeed and your team is represented by a brand you can be proud of.

characteristics of digital pr agency

The best digital PR agency is one that understands your team, your product, and the big picture. This allows them to take your message, refine it, and get it across to as many people as possible. Here are some of the key characteristics of leading agencies:

1. Extensive network

Probably the best reason to hire a digital PR agency is access to their network. If the agency has been around for a few years or more, chances are the team has great relationships with some heavyweight leaders in your industry. These top-notch firms can accelerate your access to the best developers, the most reputed venture capitalists, and the influencers with the widest reach.

Take the time to discuss the agency’s network and past projects before you sign up for a long-term contract.

2. Domain Knowledge (or the ability to learn)

Although your PR agency doesn’t need to be an expert in the field, a minimum degree of understanding your core product and technology is simply indispensable. After all, the core promise of a PR agency is the way they get your message across to your target audience. This message won’t be refined enough to have an impact if the people who craft it don’t understand what your team does.  

Look for signs that the agency has an expert on the team or at least intelligent staff that are curious enough to learn more about your service before diving in.

3. Conscientiousness

The discipline and courtesy of following through on projects is a surprisingly rare skill. Agencies often miss deadlines, make careless errors, and fail to live up to their own lofty promises once the project gets underway.

Figuring out if your new agency is conscientious enough is tricky at first, but over time you’ll figure out just how reliable the team really is. When you find a great team with passion, stick to them for the long term.

4. Communication skills

A PR agency needs to offer more than just basic communication skills. Every written word and public comment needs to convey multiple messages to different audiences and striking the right balance requires a team of experts with considerable experience.

It’s relatively easy to verify a new agency’s communication skills. Simply observe your early interactions with the team and read their published content to see if their style matches your brand appropriately.

5. Strategic understanding

Finally, the characteristic that separates great agencies from the average is the ability to see the big picture and stay on the same page with your senior leaders. The company’s long-term mission and organizational culture needs to be reflected in every press appearance and public communique. Only a team with a broader vision can deliver this level of service.

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