STO Marketing Agency Secrets: Creating The Perfect White Paper

STO Marketing Agency Secrets: Creating The Perfect White Paper

The white paper is the first point of contact for any potential investor or new user. However, entrepreneurs tend to underestimate the value of this critical document and unwittingly sabotage their chances of launching their project successfully.

STO marketing agency creates a whitepaper

With the rise of security token offerings (STOs), which are generally more regulated and sophisticated financial products, the need for professional and concise white papers and investor decks has never been greater. Specialized STO marketing agency experts have adapted strategies from public companies and traditional startups to help budding entrepreneurs create the most potent white paper. Here are some of their secrets:

1. Keep it concise

There’s a common misconception that larger white papers are somehow better. Consider the fact that the original Bitcoin white paper was only 8 pages long (9, if you include the references). In other words, the most successful and widely adopted cryptocurrency on the planet was launched by a wafer-thin document.

As the competition has intensified in recent years, crypto projects have been trying to stand out by creating white papers that run into tens or even hundreds of pages. This is simply unnecessary and ignores the fact that a busy investor will simply lose interest or skim over a document that is too huge. An experienced blockchain PR agency will tell you that keeping the whitepaper concise is a clever way to get more investors to the end of the document where the pitch is sold.    

2. Create a flow

The intention of a white paper is not just to inform the reader but also to draw them in and make them believe in the project. In a world where attention is a limited resource, creating an uninteresting or fragmented document is a cardinal sin. Writers need to create a flow so that the reader is invested in the project’s overarching story from the introduction down to the conclusion.

3. Strike the perfect balance

White papers are somewhere between an instruction manual and an investor pitch. The intention is to explain what problem the project solves and how it intends to solve it. However, most crypto entrepreneurs get too caught up in the ‘how’ and ignore the fact that not every reader is a technical expert. Too much jargon or complex writing can alienate the reader and push investors away.

However, too little information or oversimplification can do just as much harm by making the project seem unrealistic or making the team appear incompetent.

The perfect white paper strikes the right balance between technical details and accessible writing.

4. Focus on design

Finally, entrepreneurs must appreciate the value of good design. A good STO marketing agency usually has a professional designer create the document layout and include illustrations where needed. This augments the text and could help explain complex concepts through creative visuals. Good design doesn’t just make the white paper more readable, it also shows investors you care about the way your company and brand is portrayed. Design is a critical step that far too many entrepreneurs miss.

Bottom line

Focusing on design, technical details, flow, and length can help your team perfect the white paper you present to potential investors and users from across the world.

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