Authority Branding


Authority branding is exactly what it sounds like: turning your brand into an absolute industry authority. Own your niche with unbeatable content and messaging.

With EAK’s extensive relationships with leading influencers in media, we provide exclusive access to a network of publishers, events and our own digital experts. All it takes is the right message, the right connections and the right opportunities to present your brand as it truly is: an authority.

How to beat the competition

Syndication on top platforms

We secure you recurring author columns in major publications so you can contribute your wealth of knowledge on the websites and platforms your target audience uses.

Podcast and interview opportunities

Share your voice with your target audience by speaking on podcasts and in interviews. Followers receive your message and can engage with your content in their preferred formats: audio and video.

Public speaking at industry events

Promoting your brand and your concepts at national and international industry conferences establishes your credibility, leadership and creativity in front of those who matter.

What’s holding you back?

In the world of 24/7 media coverage and global exposure, your digital reputation is everything. Maybe you’ve built a transformative company, but no one has heard of you yet. Maybe you’ve been burned by subpar PR agencies in the past.

In either case, the competition isn’t waiting – you need a podium to stand upon and a strategic method for communicating your brand values … and fast!

EAK brings bespoke PR to your business and leverages years of contact with top media outlets, respected journalists and international publications. We land you speaking gigs, facetime with influencers and authority in the marketplace. When someone is looking for services you provide, they’ll know where to go – straight to your website.

So what’s holding you back?

Specialty Authority Branding

If your business is in a niche, emerging industry such as blockchain, AI, or IOT, you need to work with a PR firm who understands what it takes to establish authority in specialized markets.

At EAK Digital, our team has experience with technology and can help you with thought leadership. Our AI PR, IOT PR, and blockchain PR experts understand the industry’s needs and have connections with niche publications to ensure your authority branding reaches the right market.

Authority Branding

How you benefit from authority branding

Increase your revenue

Your business exists to make money and make a difference. Writing about your expertise and your values keeps you in constant contact with buyers and prospects.

Enhance your reputation

Growing exposure in elite publications has a compounding effect: more people see you as an influencer and your authority expands exponentially with each now post.

Prove your expertise

Though you may start out seeking media exposure, soon you’ll have journalists contacting you with story ideas. Become the go-to maven for everything in your niche.

Grow your network

Fostering relationships with reputable media contacts and highly relevant forums increases the reach of your brand, your content and your image.

Leave competitors in awe

Rank on Page 1 of Google. Be featured in top publications. Become an authority. Find out how to outpace your competitors every day of the week.

Don’t take our word for it - see what our clients say!

Grace GuiCommunications Manager, NEO Blockchain

EAK Digital is a very passionate and efficient team. They did a great job with helping us strengthen our overseas media relationships. Their creative solutions and timely responses are greatly appreciated.

Dr. Abdalla KablanExecutive Chairman of Delta Summit

EAK Digital was one of our key partners at DELTA Summit and contributed to the great success of the Summit, both in the build up and at the actual event. Since our first meeting they have gone beyond expectations and delivered a professional, passionate and exceptionally proactive service. Our initial collaboration quickly turned into a long-term engagement to continue building both Delta Summit and my own personal brand with their strategic and effective PR services. Their team is incredibly talented and I’ve really enjoyed working closely with them, and look forward to continuing to do so.

Keren LernerFounder of Top Left Design

We thought we’d just do a small thought leadership PR project with EAK Digital but they surpassed my expectations and got us some big hitters in the first months. They have then continued to do this each month since – with some very exciting placements and even regular columns. From them, I have also learned so many useful new things about and preparing articles for publications – on what each is looking for, what works, article structure, and topics. They feel like a partner, not a supplier – highly recommended!