5 Reasons to Hire A Coin PR Agency for Your Crypto Project

5 Reasons to Hire A Coin PR Agency for Your Crypto Project

Over the past few years, as the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry has become more crowded, startups have been adopting traditional coin PR strategies to cut ahead of the competition and bolster their chances of success. These specialized techniques have helped countless blockchain startups raise the funds they need and attract the talent required to build their ground-breaking platforms.

A specialized public relations firm can deploy a network of influencers, traditional media outlets, developer events and investor forums to quickly take any startup from relative obscurity to global recognition.

5 reasons to hire a coin PR agency (hand showing 5 fingers)

Here are some of the reasons these bespoke coin PR firms have become absolutely essential to the crypto ecosystem and why savvy blockchain entrepreneurs have come to rely on them for success:

1. Media coverage

Digital entrepreneurs tend to underestimate the value of traditional and new-age media. Creating a network of followers on Facebook or Twitter may be a great way to attract early adopters in the crypto community, but traditional media still holds sway with the average consumer. If your market goes beyond young digital natives, you need an experienced coin PR agency to bring your product into the mainstream spotlight through industry events, podcasts, and television interviews.

2. Faster growth

Sooner or later every startup hits a saturation point in organic growth. Airdrops and user referrals can only take a project so far. If your network needs millions of users to make the product viable, you may need a team of professionals to take growth to the next level.

3. Customer retention

Business is unpredictable, and a major error or negative publicity can destroy a startup before it has the chance to build a reputation. Traditional PR firms have perfected brand building and reputation protection strategies that have helped the biggest tech companies bounce back from public perception crises. Modifying and deploying these strategies can help your crypto team fight off competition, and misinformation to retain your user base.  

4. Access to investors

Reaching out to accredited investors, venture capitalists and family offices requires a completely different marketing gameplan. Niche audiences like these can only be accessed through exclusive networks and premium media outlets which are not easily accessible to the average entrepreneur. PR firms can help startups fill this critical gap and boost the chances of successful funding.

5. Access to talent

Attracting talent is arguably more difficult than gaining investors or signing up users. Savvy developers, experienced management, and skillful designers are a rare bunch. The right coin PR agency strategy can help position the team as a great place to work. With the right platform and communications strategy, entrepreneurs can express their project’s mission to a wider audience and organically attract the right talent to their team.  

With a new crypto project being launched every single day, it’s harder than ever to stand out and establish a new platform. Hiring a tech PR agency can streamline the process of building a brand and help provide the coverage entrepreneurs need to attract capital, talent, and new users to their venture.

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