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How we analyse blockchain projects for mainstream publications

Research-driven strategy

As a blockchain-focused PR agency, we strive to tailor our PR services to your project, using our experience of working in the blockchain space to understand the best aspects of your project to draw out and make accessible to the mainstream publications.

Given the diversity of the projects we work with, there are numerous aspects to consider when we analyse new blockchain startups for how we will pitch you to mainstream publications. After a general SWOT analysis, we then turn to how we, as a specialist blockchain PR agency, are able to draw out the most effective angles to pitch to the mainstream publications. There are a number of things we need to bear in mind, and the most pressing of which is readership.

Keeping our fingers on the pulse

We scour the trending news stories to find a hook with which we are able to open up the project to a more mainstream and non-technical audience. This is important because we see this as the most crucial way to spell out in layman’s terms what value, benefits, and solutions the project will enable.

We look for the key aspects which are not just of interest technically, but the way we are able to build a narrative around them. We look to set the project in its broader context and ask particular questions about how the project is able to change society, what elements of the current industry it will disrupt and how the technology will serve, alter or enhance human relationships.

We aim to give blockchain startups a story by binding their projects goals with the broader developments which are affecting humanity in the 21st century. The pressing needs of the day are considered when looking at how we should build the narrative.

The importance of this aspect of crypto PR is to try and build an emotional connection with the reader. At EAK Digital we try to find a way in through a level of understanding about current affairs and technology and then using examples to demonstrate how your project will change the lives of the ordinary person. This is an effective strategy as it gives the people reading the story an understanding of the purposes, needs, and origins of the project.

Once we are able to successfully build the bridge, then we allow the examples to speak for themselves. If we are able to highlight how your project will make people’s lives easier, alleviate trouble, streamline business, and even potentially save people’s lives, then we are able to show readers that there is a need for the idea which is being developed.

Building the narrative: Why does this matter?

It is always challenging to explain technical aspects to a mainstream audience. Blockchain presents an even greater challenge. This emanates from the novelty of the concept and the negative associations’ blockchain has with Bitcoin. The mainstream media – as anyone involved in the space knows – has constantly been bombarding the public with misleading articles about Bitcoin. This has without a doubt negatively impacted people’s opinions of the technology, leading to new blockchain startups facing a greater challenge.

However, all is not lost! There are many routes to circumvent people’s pre-held perceptions about what blockchain is. The most effective ways of achieving this are by building up the narrative around your project and showing the mainstream audience that there is much more to blockchain than Bitcoin.

EAK Digital relishes this challenge and we have honed our skills in blockchain PR. We are able to stimulate wider interest in your project through our carefully crafted targeted angles. We emphasise what you are able to change in society and we endeavour to make sure that the wider public is able to recognise your project as a key leader in the space. Our dedicated team of blockchain PR strategists and creators will tailor the most effective strategy for your project to stand out of the crowd from other blockchain startups.

Crafting the story behind your project and giving you the edge over your competitors truly excites us. Our track record shows we are passionate and committed and want to bring the best out of your project to demonstrate how you will be able to change society. It is an exciting prospect. EAK Digital is raring to become your ally in the quest for global recognition.

Get in touch if you want to book a consultation to learn how we are able to help you and your project build an effective and successful PR strategy. We love hearing from all types of projects are excited to play such a crucial role in the development of the blockchain space as a whole.


Meet EAK

EAK Digital is a leading Global Blockchain PR Agency that works with Blockchain start-ups to help them gain mass media coverage across both mainstream and crypto publications alike.

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