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How to create a Reddit community

Getting to the front page of Reddit is like winning the most niche part of the internet.

According to the latest Alexa data, the social media platform is the 18th most popular site in the world and the 5th most popular in the US. It garners a whopping eight billion page views every month. In other words, it’s a digital colossus.

However, unlike other platforms, Reddit is proactively resistant to blatant marketing efforts. Any form of shilling or self-promotion is instantly downvoted by legions of Redditors. The platform has managed to create a passionate and engaged community by keeping the content tightly controlled and the advertising to a minimum.

Tapping into this audience will require your blockchain PR firm to get deeply involved in creating an authentic community with genuinely interesting content. Here’s how you can do that:


Find your niche

Reddit currently hosts over 1.2 million subreddits. These can range from the serious (r/worldnews) to the downright weird (r/birdswitharms). These quirky and highly specific subreddits are what make the site special. If done right, you can either find an existing subreddit or create your own that speaks directly to your niche target audience.


Develop an expertise

Redditors value expertise and sincerity. What the site needs most is great content, so try to curate relevant pieces of news, articles, memes, or photos that your audience will love to engage with. You need to make sure you don’t spam the content with self-promotion, especially if you’re a business. Users will quickly tag your posts with r/hailcorporate, which can quickly erode your karma on the site and plunge your content into obscurity. That’s not to say you can’t promote, it just means you have to be upfront about it and try to do it in a considerate way. Coca Cola, for example, has a subreddit dedicated to people who love their soda. Be clever, creative, and authentic with your marketing.


Lead with authenticity

Every subreddit needs a moderator. These moderators are meant to enforce the rules, keep the conversations civil, filter out spam, and create an entertaining environment for the visitors. Good moderators are expected to:

  • Reward the best posts
  • Kill spam
  • Prevent harassment, doxxing, and hate-mongering
  • Ban malicious users
  • Curate the content
  • Ensure the right use of titles and flairs

Just by being attentive to the needs of your visitors, you can create a subreddit that generates great content organically.


Trust the users

Reddit is deeply rooted in democratic values. Users expect the voting process, karma system, and moderated subreddits to bring the very best content to the top while suppressing all the noise. Users who try to subvert this system can expect a swift revolt. In fact, the moderators of several popular subreddits took their communities dark (shut to everyone besides moderators) for 24 hours to protest the decision of then CEO Ellen Pao. Pao eventually resigned under pressure. This goes to show how powerful the Reddit community truly is.

Reddit is one of the most complex and restrictive social media platforms on the internet. Breaking through with a marketing campaign on the site is incredibly difficult. However, sincere organizations who genuinely make the effort to create a community are rewarded with exceptional engagement and some valuable publicity.


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EAK Digital is a leading Global Blockchain PR Agency that works with Blockchain start-ups to help them gain mass media coverage across both mainstream and crypto publications alike.

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