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Zach Benson is the CEO and founder of Assistagram – an innovative Instagram management agency specialising in growth of accounts and creating Instagram campaigns that reach millions. As a full-time entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, social-media trainer for international brands such as The Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton and ViceRoy, he encourages others to reach their full potential through the arts and social media. He uses his successful social media presence and impressive network of followers to travel around the world teaching others how to grow their Instagram accounts.

Client Goal

As a young entrepreneur and CEO of Assistagram, Zach is keen to build and promote his personal brand as a social media and Instagram expert. He’s also used Instagram to travel the world for free and wants to help share his story with the world and inspire others.


The EAK authority branding team are focused on gradually growing Zach’s personal presence online through strategically-placed guest posts in mid to high-authority entrepreneurial and marketing publications. Zach is currently growing his portfolio of written work and EAK Digital aims to present Zach as a guest contributor for top-tier publications such as INC, Huffington Post and Forbes. As an entrepreneur and traveller Zach has an extensive knowledge of running a business remotely - that is why another goal of the project is to help Zach share his knowlege with aspiring entrepreneurs through podcasts and inteviews.


In a short space of time, Zach’s written guest articles for Foundr, and Socialnomics, Social Media Today and is now a regular contributor for these publications. He has also written for B2B Marketing, Small Biz Technology and StartUp Nation. With his amazing passion for travelling Zach is also regularly invited as a guest to a variety of travel podcasts.

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