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TomoChain is a Vietnam-based public EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible blockchain project with low transaction fees, fast confirmation times, and a Proof-of-Stake Voting consensus mechanism. TomoChain aims to create a platform which allows the development of the next phase of blockchain applications, by giving developers security in the knowledge that TomoChain has a low probability of forks and a fair distribution of rewards to maintain the network. TomoChain partnered with EAK Digital for a 1-month period in Q1 2019 after the recent launch of its mainnet in order to promote its new stance towards blockchain gaming and its unique PoSV consensus algorithm.

EAK Digital secured coverage for TomoChain in numerous blockchain-focused media outlets and facilitated multiple YouTube interviews with key blockchain influencers. EAK Digital leveraged its influence and connections within the blockchain space to facilitate valuable coverage for TomoChain, which allowed for greater visibility of the project across a variety of different platforms.

Client Goal

TomoChain signed with EAK Digital to raise the profile of their project having just entered the top 100 in CoinMarketCap, raise awareness of the investment returns when running a TomoChain masternode and to inform the crypto community of the blockchain’s exciting transaction speeds and of their unique approach to some of the pressing issues in the blockchain space.



EAK Digital deployed a bespoke blockchain PR strategy strategically crafted to suit TomoChain’s needs in order to enable TomoChain to get the most targeted and relevant coverage to satisfy their goals. Including both written content and YouTube interviews enabled TomoChain to demonstrate its unique approach a large and diverse audience.



EAK Digital managed to successfully execute the blockchain PR strategy which we custom built for TomoChain. In the month in which TomoChain engaged our services, we were able to bring the Western blockchain press on board and take a fresh look at TomoChain with creatively crafted angles and news hooks.

EAK Digital secured TomoChain key coverage with:

  • 17 feature articles spanning 3 continents including Asia, Europe, and North America including Bitcoinist,, and
  • These 17 articles had 500+ social shares which pushed potential readership figures to over 45 million
  • 4 in-depth YouTube interviews with some of the key influencers in blockchain reaching well over 10,000 views.