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Coin PR: 4 Ways To Gain Traction

There’s no reason for crypto public relations to be as complicated as crypto technicals. Designing and deploying a blockchain may be an niche specialty, but the entire project team needs to pull together to help the coins or tokens gain traction with a wider community.

Here are four ways you can push your new coin to mass adoption

1. Reach out to micro-influencers

Influencer marketing is a potent tool in the modern coin PR and digital branding arsenal. There’s no standard definition for how many followers a social media user needs in order to be considered an “influencer” but Gartner’s L2 defines a micro-influencer as someone with between 5,000 to 50,000 followers. This number may seem miniscule, but experts argue that these smaller communities are more highly engaged with the content that micro-influencers passionately create.

Building community with coin PR

Meanwhile, the costs of sponsoring micro-influencer posts are substantially lower which could lead to better ROI.

2. Don’t pay-to-play

Premium marketing tactics like sponsored posts and Google Ads are a legitimate way to market online, however the blockchain community hates projects that are disingenuous and untrustworthy. Paying for shills or offering payola arrangements to digital copywriters for positive reviews is the quickest way to erode the trust your team has accrued with the community.

Instead, be transparent and upfront about all your marketing tactics. Let people know when you’ve paid for a social post or an influencer partnership and be clear about the incentive arrangements with the mega corporations, researchers, and exchanges you’ve partnered with.  

3. Reward early adopters

A fundamental reason for Bitcoin’s tremendous rise over the years is the fact that early adopters and long-term hodlers were rewarded handsomely for their patience. New projects are always risky and never perfect. This means early adopters of your coins are probably compromising to help support your project.

Treat this core community well and they’ll commit to the project long-term. Reward early users with free tokens or exclusive access to the team’s experts if you can.  These rewards for early adopters helps boost the retention rate within blockchain ecosystems. More early believers are likely to stick around, even when the development of the project goes through rough phases. This core members are also more likely to advocate the platform to their friends and family, helping your team tap into the network effects of your user base.  

4. Perform

The best way to gain traction is to look beyond coin PR and simply prove your project is achieving its goals. Regularly inform your users about the modifications and upgrades the developers make, share adoption statistics publicly, and demonstrate your key features whenever you get a chance.

You don’t need to be a marketing genius to know that better performance, transparency, social influencer marketing, and incentives can drive coin adoption and help your project gain traction.  

Coin PR is essentially about building a community, keeping early adopters happy, rewarding people for referrals to kickstart network effects, reaching out to niche audiences on platforms where they prefer to interact, and constantly proving the efficacy and potential benefits of your core platform.


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