BlockDown Productions Launches Virtual Event Production Services

BlockDown Productions Launches Virtual Event Production Services

Following its highly successful second event, the organizer of virtual blockchain conference, BlockDown, is launching a production arm to help businesses deliver premium virtual events.

BlockDown Productions is BlockDown’s bespoke event service and allows businesses to organize and run their own virtual conferences using a range of best in class features, including a smooth, realistic virtual world, tailored environments to match to your business needs, as well as the team and expertise to help deliver it.

The business will bring together virtual events management, a professional production team, cross-promotion, creative inspiration and an expert support team.

BlockDown Productions can help you deliver your virtual event whether it is a webinar, developer conference, or a fully-featured multi-day event. If you can conceive of it in the real world it can be delivered in the virtual world using our innovative browser-based solution that ensures a smooth experience.

As countries around the world struggle to come to terms with the ongoing effects of the global pandemic, BlockDown Productions is available to step in and help you adjust to what is becoming the ‘new normal’, and ensure your business’s activities are not affected.

A virtual conference from BlockDown Productions features a realistic 3D world in which you and your employees can interact with attendees, think of it as a more advanced version of The Sims computer game.

Businesses and employees can create individual avatars and then send them into the virtual world. Within the world they can network, host presentations and events, hold masterclass sessions, fireside chats, ask me anything sessions – you name it and it can be recreated virtually by BlockDown Productions.

For example, projects can create a virtual conference hall, or a virtual office. If there’s something to celebrate, BlockDown Productions can create a virtual boat party or night club to relax and unwind in.

Erhan Korhaliller, Founder and CEO of Blockchain PR Firm, EAK Digital, and the creator of BlockDown Productions, explains:

“After running our ongoing and successful series of virtual blockchain conferences, BlockDown, we are now offering to use the expertise we’ve gained to help you bring businesses virtual events to fruition.

“BlockDown has attracted thousands of people globally and has impressed audiences with its live language translation services, groundbreaking virtual world and speakers from the pinnacle of the fintech, crypto and entertainment worlds.

“These are all elements that we now want to help new businesses experience. Just because the way the world is doing business has changed, doesn’t mean you should stop engaging with staff, customers and clients. BlockDown Productions will help businesses establish their own virtual events.”

You can find out more about BlockDown Productions here.

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