Authority branding is the process of helping you position yourself as a leading expert in your market. We help you take your content, voice and message to the next level.

Everyone has the potential to become a leader and with the right strategy and network you can transform your current position to something above and beyond expectations. Gaining exclusive access and contributions to the world’s leading publishers is critical to rapidly growing your audience, network and business – which is where we step in and help you.

How Can We Help You?

Featured In Major Publications

We will secure you author columns on the major publications in your industry. Not ‘one-off’ features, but LIFETIME access to contribute your wealth of knowledge directly to your audience.

Podcast Opportunities

We will get you featured on the leading podcasts in your industry so you can share your voice and message with hundreds of thousands of listeners to grow your following.

Public Speaking Opportunities

Get the chance to speak at the major events in your niche. These will be industry-leading conferences so you can showcase your credibility and leadership in front of those who matter.

Why Do You Need Help In The First Place?

In this digital era, reputation is everything, after all people do business with people. If you’re lucky enough to be in a position to influence your industry with your insights, Imagine who will be front of mind when someone is looking for your services?

Securing regular writing opportunities on major publications is hard… unless you’re in the fortunate position that we are in.

With our collective wealth of experience in the media industry, we have grown our exclusive contact list of the very best journalists, contributors and publication contacts. This means that we can save a lot of time and energy pitching to get author columns, podcast appearances and public speaking opportunities as the relationships have already been established.

Where Some Of Our Clients Have Been Successfully Published

Benefits Of Authority Branding

Increase Your Revenue

Writing about your expertise will keep you front of mind when potential customers are looking for your services. Future customers will put their trust in your expertise over a competitor.

Enhance Your Reputation

As you feature in various publications alongside other industry influencers, you’re build a strong brand. As your reputation grows, your audience does too.

Become The Expert

Become the ‘go-to’ expert for comments from the media in your chosen niche. Flip the PR script on its head and have journalists contacting you.

Grow Your Network

As you are seen by more people, your network will grow in unison. This will bring about more opportunities, credibility and authority to your brand.

Position Yourself At The Top

Don’t let your competitors get in front. Book in a free consultation with us today to find out more about how we can help you grow your authority.