10 Top Marketing Tools To Boost Your Brand

10 Top Marketing Tools To Boost Your Brand

Boosting your brand doesn’t have to be difficult — if you use some of the many marketing tools available to you. Marketing tools help you to be more productive and more efficient with your business, and can make a huge different to your marketing plan and the number of people you reach/how successful your strategy is. What we’re basically saying, is that marketing tools and life-savers, and if you aren’t using any right now, then how have you been doing ANYTHING with your brand?! So we know that marketing tools can help us a lot. The problem now is that there are so many marketing tools out there, how do you decide which ones you need to start using? Luckily for you, we’ve solved that one. Check out our list of 10 top marketing tools to boost your brand  below.

1.   BuzzSumo

One of our favourites. BuzzSumo is a great marketing tool to help with SEO campaigns and content strategies. Buzzsumo help you to understand what type of content works well in your industry and what would be best for your business. It also lets you keep an eye on your competitors to see how their content is performing and do detailed comparisons. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of trending topics — as well as any big influencers in the field — and you can use these insights to develop your content strategies.

2.   Sprout Social

It’d be daft not to mention some sort of the incredible social media marketing tools available out there. Sprout Social works as a management hub for your social media channels. It essentially lets you create content calendars so that you can schedule and publish social media posts. For the busy entrepreneur, this is incredibly time-saving and way more efficient than having to constantly post across 3 or more different platforms in real time. You can also keep an eye on your social streams via a dashboard with plenty of analytics to help you improve your social performance.

3.   MailChimp

Email marketing is growing more and more every year. It’s a vital part of boosting any brand, so make sure you don’t neglect it. Using a tool like MailChimp will help you create an email marketing campaign where you can nurture customer relationships and generate leads. It’s easy for total beginners and more advanced users alike: easy-to-customize templates mean you don’t need to be an expert coder and you can bulk-send automated emails to your subscribers easily. Templates are attractive and professional-looking, so you look like a pro.

4.   Respona

When working on your marketing strategy you can’t forget about the important part that PR should play in it. And PR is all about building good relationships with the media. Some people think that sending out a generic press release to a long list of journalists will do the trick but they couldn’t be more wrong - writing personalized emails and making real connections is the key. And Respona is the tool that can help you with that. It’s an all-in-one PR and link building tool that combines personalization with productivity. You can attract top journalists in your industry and send highly personalized pitches to generate media coverage for your brand.

5.   Google Analytics

What’s the point of doing all of your marketing if you’re not going to analyse how well your strategies are working, and how to improve them? This is how a lot of companies get stuck with little traffic to their website and lower chances of converting leads into sales. Having analytics tools like Google Analytics will help you answer questions you have about your marketing — how well your social media marketing is going, which keywords are driving the most traffic, how visitors are responding to your site, and more about your visitors and who they are.

6.   Canva

Visual content is an important part of boosting your brand. Canva is a brilliant — and free! —  an easy-to-use design tool that you need to get your hands on. There are a range of different features that Canva offers, from creating unique images or jazzing up ones you already have (great if you’ve bought an already established site which is in need of a fresher look and needs to build credibility). You can create banners, infographics and social media images with their library, and even pair compatible fonts and color schemes. Great tool if you’re an ecommerce entrepreneur who maybe needs a hand on visual branding strategy.

7.   Hemingway App

The Hemingway App is a handy editor tool for your content marketing. It’s all very well getting your content out there, but how are you going to boost your brand if no one wants to read your posts? Enter: the Hemingway App, which aims to make your writing bold and clear. Make your blog and social posts more readable by identifying lengthy, hard-to-read sentences, the passive voice, and weakening phrases.

8.   SurveyMonkey

Surveys are a great way to collect consumer information and feedback to help you understand your consumers and discover trends. You can then use this to improve and progress your marketing SurveyMonkey is a free online survey tool which helps you to create customizable surveys, and also provides back-end programs to analyse the data you’ve collected. Successfully boosting your brand relies on listening to the customers you’re aiming at, and SurveyMonkey has just given you the tools to do so. Any business can make it far enough purely on the strength of their brand and marketing (these businesses under 10 K are a prime example), but you will only break through this barrier to the triple-figure territory if you invest in customer feedback, analysis, and experience BIG TIME. A simple survey is a great place to start on the journey to better customer experiences.

9.    Pitchbox

If you’re trying to boost your brand, then something big you’re going to have to consider is influencer outreach. Pitchbox is an awesome tool which helps you to automate some of this process so that you can focus on creating connections and nurturing valuable relationships. You can easily find new opportunities, customize and personalize each outreach email, and even send automated follow-ups to people who haven’t responded. It’s definitely a valuable tool for any entrepreneur worrying about spending too much time on outreach.

10.   SEMrush

Last but not least — we have to include a marketing tool that helps you with your SEO. Check out SEMrush, an SEO marketing tool which analyses all sorts of data around keywords and helps you track and improve search rankings. You can monitor (cough, spy) and analyse your competitors: their strategies, how well they’re ranking… You can even pull their backlinks. This is a top tool to give your brand an edge over the competition. Some projects, such as security token offerings (STOs) may require special marketing considerations. If you need advice on STO e-marketing, contact us today.   Boosting your brand can be easy if you’ve got the right marketing tools. These are some of the tops tools out there, and we’d wholeheartedly recommend using them. There are of course, alternatives if you feel you’re not getting on with a particular dashboard or interface — for example, if you’re not enjoying using Sprout Social, then check out Hootsuite, Buffer or newbie Loomly to see what they offer. Essentially, they’re here to make your life as a business owner easier — and a lot of them are free so what are you waiting for? Are there any you think we’ve missed out on our list? Write them down in the comments below.

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